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Wear OS with less than 100€

Currently Fossil is discounting from 249€ to 99€ the Fossil Sport on his official store!
In my opinion is one of the best Wear OS (the old Android Wear) smartwatch on the market.
If you want to share your opinion and ask questions about the Fossil Sport I’ve just created a Facebook group
I’m using it from 2 days and i noticed that the Fossil Sport finally has received the Wear OS H update.
After the update it looks smoother but it’s still a little bit slow.
The battery is a big problem infact you can easily reach the end of the day with this smartwatch but it’s nearly impossibile to reach 2 days of use.
Anyway i’m very happy because with 99€ i have a Wear OS smartwatch that can goes underwater up to 50meters with NFC,GPS,WIFI,microphone and the heart rate monitor.
Thanks to the Wear OS you can install a lot of apps as games,Maps,Spotify,Shazam,Telegram,Outlook and a lot more.
So it’s a kind of mini smartphone on your wrist.
You need to use the Wear OS app on your smartphone to receive the notifications(with the vibration) on your smartwatch.
The storage is 2gb but you will have about 1.17gb available but keep in mind that the Wear OS apps are very small so you can install a lot of things.
But if you want to download a lot of songs…you can’t.
You need to upload songs on Google Play Music and then download the playlist on the smartwatch so you can connect your bluetooth earphones to it.
There aren’t a lot of watchfaces on the Wear OS app so you need to download from the playstore other apps to search or create the perfect watchface.
​I’ll keep this small article updated in the next days but if you want more news you can join the Facebook group:

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