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Xiaomi nowadays realizes everything, and in fact this time I wanted to try the self-heating vest. If you don’t know, Xiaomi has different divisions / companies that deal with the various products, in this case the brand is Xiaomi Cotton Smith.
The vest is very light and you can easily use it under the jacket, which I personally do.
It is made with 90% goose feathers while the fabric is 100% polyester and can be washed with a temperature not exceeding 40 °; it also has a security system that will automatically turn off the heating after 3 hours, but it can clearly be switched back on manually.
It is equipped with two classic side pockets but inside the right pocket there is another pocket with another zipper that encloses a USB cable and space for the powerbank.
Yes, to power the sleeveless jacket and therefore to generate heat you will need to use your own powerbank (not included with the vest). I’m using the Xiaomi 10000mah.
In front of the right pocket there is the button that shows you to switch on and change the temperature of the vest.
There are 4 heating modes that can be changed with a simple button press:
53 ° red light
48 ° violet light
43 ° green light
38 ° white light
In the small manual (in Chinese) included in the package it’s specified that with a 10000mah powerbank (output 2A) the battery will last about 8h at 53 °, 10h at 48 °, 12h at 43 ° and up to 14h at 38 °.

The USB cable seems to be of good quality and the pocket is spacious enough for a 10000mah but even if it is not an uncomfortable solution I would recommend the use of a 5000mah powebank for daily use, so as to create less embarrassment.
A negative note is that the powebank will always remain on even if the jacket is off, it will remain in a sort of standby; the same thing also happens with the jacket (with sleeves and hood) by Xiaomi.
This means that every time you come back home you will want to unplug the USB cable from the powerbank.​
The area that will actually be heated is the lumbar part but if you close the vest you will heat the whole bust.
Personally I bought it for 55€ at Banggood and it arrived about 3 weeks later.
Probably in the coming months we will see him or the jacket directly in the Mi Stores in Europe!

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